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Beijing International Book City


It is Asia's largest bookstore which is the size of a shopping mall. Books are arranged by publisher, with titles such as “The Odyssey" and "A Clockwork Orange” available. The second floor has discounted and second-hand books, but the selection isn't as impressive. CDs and audio books are also available.

Books are arranged by publisher at this mall-style emporium. As you walk through the main entrance and turn left, you’ll discover the foreign books section, run by the Beijing Publications Import & Export Corporation (BPIEC). With a scattered choice of educational titles and classic American fiction, prices are fair and the booths fairly navigable.

Anything not in stock can be ordered from BPIEC by contacting or 8080 8383 (though shipping can take up to two months). Meanwhile, the third floor offers up discounted and second-hand books, although the selection in English is almost non-existent.

Open: 9am-5pm daily

Telephone: 8080 8888

English address: 13 Taihu Zhengfu Dajie, Hechuanye Park, Tongzhou district

Chinese address: 通州区太湖镇政府大街和创业园路交口



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