Dahongmen Clothing Wholesale Market


Dahongmen clothing wholesale market is located on Beijing South axis road, north of the South Third Ring, and south of Liangshui North Shore.

Beijing's Zhejiang Village was a natural form of clothing street stalls to operate low-cost clothing twenty years ago. It has now developed into the largest apparel distribution center in north China --- Dahongmen clothing wholesale market, its development, formed a bright spot in the South City's economy. If Dahongmen clothing wholesale distribution center relies on government policies, then it's successful development and continuation of the business to rely on is the extraordinary idea. Now, Beijing Dahongmen wholesale apparel business district is recognized as the largest and most powerful wholesale distribution center for clothing and a typical model of economic development as well.

Functional orientation: both sides of the street as boutiques, brand name or to operate old culture clothing, footwear, food, antiques and paintings jewelry, cultural and creative products. Basic requirement is unique, market, culture and taste. The courtyard can be used as high-level private club, providing food and drink, accommodation and leisure services.

Address: 15 Yongnan Li, Fengtai District

Contact: 67226658


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