To search for handicrafts in Beijing while traveling, you have to come to Baigongfang, which literally means “100 Handicraftsmen Workshop”. From the name you may have the impression that this is a place where there must be excellent handicraft works.

Baigongfang is composed of 30 studios includingCloisonneStudio, Carved Lacquer Studio, Inside-Bottle Painting Studio, Pearl Studio and Clay Studio etc. It is now a place both for making palace arts and crafts, but also producing common popular handicrafts in ordinary life.

In these handicraftsmen studios, you are able to experience the most famous “Eight Unique Skills of Yanjing (Today’s Beijing)”, the palace handicrafts including Engraved Lacquer, Ivory Carving, Cloisonne, Jade Sculpture, inlaid filigree, inlaid gold lacuqer, palace hand-made carpets and palaceembroidery. Besides, there are major studios making the ordinary Chinese including paper-cutting, glassware, dough figurine, clay figurine and more.

On the third floor there is a DIY classroom, 120 square meters, 40 double desks and 80 chairs. The classroom is brightly lit, air-conditioned, equipped with a wide range of audio visual equipment including projector Screens. On the four walls of the classroom are hung up with the photos of the visitors practicing to make handicrafts and the over-100 masters of handicrafts at work, making it an ideal place to be immersed in Chinese traditional handicrafts.

In the classroom, you are taught by the masters how to make paper-cut, learn to write Chinese brush writing, make paper flowers, makeclay figurines, paint facial masks, dough figurines, Chinese knots and more.

Beijing Baigongfang is a living museum of the Chinese traditional handicrafts. On your short Beijing tour, just spare some time to see and feel the Chinese traditional culture. It was set up to preserve and develop Chinese traditional handicrafts. Once you come here, you will wish to try to learn something about handicrafts. It is not only to learn handicrafts, but to feel culture that you have never known.

Opening hours: 9:00 – 17:00 everyday

Phone: 67111381, 67112480, 67140179

Address: B12, Guangming Road, Dongcheng District, Beijing


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