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Chinese Are Descendants of Yan and Yellow Emperors


Chinese always say that we are descendants of Yan and Yellow Emperors.

Descendants of Yan and Yellow Emperor is an ancient Chinese term to refer to the Han Chinese and certain groups of minorities.

Yandi (炎帝) and Huangdi (黃帝) are both the ancestors of the Huaxia people. Legend has it they are both part of the Yanhuang tribe. They became enemies and fought each other in the Battle of Banquan. Eventually, Huangdi defeated Yandi and the two peoples gradually assimilated each other's culture and became known as the Huaxia people. Centuries later, the Huaxia developed into the Han Chinese, which is the majority Chinese today. Huangdi is known as the founder of the Chinese civilization.

The a derivation of the term 炎黃世冑 is mentioned in the National Flag Anthem of the Republic of China, officially translated in English as "Descendants of Yan and Huang".


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