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Ruifuxiang Silk Store


Ruifuxiang Silk Store was established by Meng Hongsheng, descendant of Mengzi (Meng ke, Chinese Confucian philosopher). Meng Hongsheng was from Zhangqiu, Jiujun county, Shandong Province and he first built up his business by selling hand-woven cloth with the shop named Ranfuxiang. With thriving business, Meng Hongsheng started to set up chain stores in Shanghai, Qingdao, Tianjin, etc. and extended his business to luxury commodities such as silk, satin, tea and furs.

What is the meaning of "Ruifu Xiang"? It was said that the founder of Ruifu Xiang cited the literary quotation of "Qingfu Return Currency". "Fu" is an insect in ancient time and the baby insect coated with blood of its mother could fly back. Qingfu represented copper coin in ancient times. Therefore, the name of the store involves deep consideration. The founder of Ruifu Xiang hoped the store could make rolling profits.

Ruifu Xiang wins great popularity among customers with genuine goods at a fair price and excellent services. The colored cloths of Ruifu Xiang, made from high-grade white cloths with little shrinkage and no color fading after watering, are welcomed most by most working people, especially peasants.

In 1900, Ruifu Xiang was destroyed after the Eight Power Allied Forces invaded Beijing. However, it was soon rebuilt. The new Ruifu Xiang was also famous for genuine goods and new and modern colored cloth. Ruifu Xiang had its own designed color patterns, sent designated people to select materials and factories and also printed its products with the words of “Ruifu Xiang Hong-ji”. Quality cloth, silk and satins of Ruifu Xiang won great acclaim from national and international tourists. The “Chinese Traditional Clothing Show” held by Ruifu Xiang is a typical example of the combination of culture and commerce.

After the liberation of China, the first Five Starred Red flag raised in Tian'anmen Square was made of Ruifuxiang silk. In 1954, Ruifu Xiang first carried out the new joint state-private ownership, incorporated its five shops into one and became a silk shop mainly selling silk, satin, woolen cloth and furs. The present Ruifu Xiang maintains its original style and feature. Patio-like building, stone carving on the door and the roof are in a good state of preservation. The Ruifuxiang shop has an area of more than 1,000 square meters.

Telephone: 8610-63035313

Address: No. 5Dashilangjie, Qianmenwai, Beijing

Subway: Line 2 and get off at Qianmen station


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