View Pear Blossoms during Beijing’s Spring


When describing a weeping beauty in Chinese literature, people always use the phrase “Lihua daiyu” (pear blossom bathed in the rain). People compare the faces of beauty with pear blossoms. In order to experience a pear blossom rain, you have a great place to go.

Period: around mid-April

Best site: Panggezhuang (Daxing District)

The pear blossoms always seem to bloom in one night. It is difficult to express the excitement you feel when surrounded by this sea of flowers. It’s like a fairytale world that’s readily available and accessible: in Lihua Village (pear blossom village) and in Panggezhuang Township, Daxing District. In this village, there are more than 30,000 pear trees at least 100 years old.

In addition, there are more than 40 varieties of pear trees older than 200 years, including a 416-year-old one. It seems that beautiful things always have a short life; this flowering period lasts for about only one week. There are other things to delight you; some greenhouse "mini-watermelons," potherb and mushroom items are ready for purchase. There are also folk cultural performances during the pear blossom festival.

Admission: 10 yuan

Tel: +86 10 8928 8545

Address: Lihua Village, Panggezhuang Township, Daxing District

Chinese address: 庞各庄万亩梨园,大兴区庞各庄镇梨花村

How to get there:

By bus: Take 937 zhi 2 at Lishi Lu or 943 at Yongdingmen to Lihua Village

If you drive: Take the Jing-Kai Expressway from Yuquanying to the Lihua Bridge to exit; continue about 100 meters before turning right onto the bridge; turn left after you cross and continue straight for about three kilometers to Lihua Village.


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