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Wangfujing Snack Street


Address:Dongcheng District, Wangfujing Snack Street No. e15

Transportation:210、103、104、211 to Dengshixikou stop, Subway Line 1 to Wangfujing

There’s a Beijing folk song that says: “Beijing has 99 snacks, so no matter how much you eat it’ll never be enough.” The Wangfujing Snack Street has all kinds of treats, if not a hundred then at least ninety. These include Xinjiang roast lamb legs, sweet donkey rolls, fried sausages, traditional Hui snacks, fried dumplings, tripe, sweets and teas, northern sticky bean cake and many other Chinese snacks.

Recommendations: First, a deep-fried scorpion, grasshopper and pupae. Everyone who comes to Wangfujing tries these scary-looking snacks, which really taste just fine. Second, try one of the many kinds of sugarcoated haws and fruit. They’re the most colorful snack on the street and have the most varieties. There are the traditional hawthorns, oranges and yams, and then there are candied fresh kiwis, strawberries and grapes. You’ll feel like a kid again, walking along the street while eating your sweets.


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