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Legend has it that this brand of China has more than 300 years of history. It is situated at the West of Liulichang Street, near Hepingmen, and is a large, classically built, ancient styled building. Legend has it, it was originally called the Rongzuzhai and was set up in the year 1672.

According to legend there were once a wide range of business services that could be found there and several goods were also sold there such as paintings, writing paper, brushes, pens, ink, seals and several writing tools. Rumor has it that they once used to help clients book famous writers’ or painters to create a number of works. The Rongbaozhai has always stuck to the motto that they ‘carry forward and cultivate the national culture.’ As well, they also try best serve a new generation of painters and writers, as well as customers. It has become a showcase of Chinese traditional culture and arts to the world and to many visitors anxiously exploring the city.


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