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Another way of Life: Guide Map for Self-driving Tour of Hot Springs in Beijing


Hot Springs Around Beijing

Map of Hot Springs Around Beijing

When referring to hot springs, people will be surely reminded of Japan, an island country with more than 2,000 hot spring groups, and especially Izu. In Chinese traditional culture, water always has the function of mental treatment. If you are busy, tired in body and mind, or fretful…then go for a spa in the suburbs ofBeijing. Here, a map ofhot springsaroundBeijinghas been prepared for readers, hoping to provide another way of life for people who feel bleak and chilly in winter.

Tulip Hot Spring Garden Resort

As for Tulip Hot Spring Garden Resort, it was previously a flower and plant base for flower cultivation and sales; and then, it was changed into a hot spring last year. Thehot springsthere are not so pure as the hot spring in the north, nor have they a royal history. However, the water is absolutely the real thermal water. The pools there are characterized by their conjunction with the spa villas, which are called “private pools”. They are not so big, with a width and a length both a little more than2m, that it is suitable for a family. The spring water there comes from3000 mdeep under the ground, with a high quality but a strong odor of hydrogen sulphide which makes the attempters feel unaccustomed. The so-called hot spring villas are actually rows of separate bungalows with a tranquil environment; therefore, one of the advantages of having a spa there is that you can take off your swimwear and enjoy the spa to your heart's content without worrying about being disturbed.

Self-driving route:Drive along the East Third Ring Road and turn to drive along the Airport Expressway and go out from the Weigou Exit, and then drive southwards along Dongwei Road for about1 km, you will find it; or you may start from the Chaoyanggongyuan Flyover on the East Fourth Ring Road and go eastwards till Dongba, then go straight eastwards until Dongwei Road, and then turn left and go towards the north, you will see it.

Jiuhua Spa and Resort

Jiuhua Spa and Resortis located in Xiaotangshan Town, Changping District, Beijing. Since Yuan Dynasty (1206 AD-1370 AD), the area around it has been developed into an imperial garden. It is especially rich in hot spring resources. The water there is yellowish and clear, rich in minerals and various microelements. What deserves to be mentioned is the “radon” element in the water since it hasancillary curative effectson arthritis, chromatosis and neurasthenia, etc.

In Jiuhua Spa and Resort, there are more than 50 types ofspa medicated bathwith different efficacy, as well as other bathing methods such as mud bath, flotation and medical stone steam bath, coupled with various types of Chinese health massage and leisure & sports massage. Open-air hot spring pools are available in four seasons. When it snows in winter, raise you head and a beautiful snow scene comes into your sight. If you sit down on a rock and sip a cup of scented tea, an artistic conception will surely be created.

Self-driving route: Drive towards the north along Beiyuan Road after getting out of Asian Games Village for about 20 minutes (if there is no traffic jam) and then drive towards the east for100 mat Daliushu Roundabout via Tiantongyuan and Taiyangcheng (Sun City), and finally you will see Jiuhua Spa and Resort; or you can take the North Third Ring Road until Madian Flyover and then take Badaling Expressway and the Sixth Ring Road and go out from Xiaotangshan Exit, then drive along until the Daliushu Roundabout and then turn to the east, you see it.

Tianlongyuan Hot Spring

Tianlongyuan Hot Spring lies at the foot of Yanshan Mountain, northwest to the urban area of Changping District, which is a good place for tourists to have a rest after enjoying the scenery at Juyongguan Pass (one of the passes of Great Wall) and Ming Dynasty Tombs. The hot spring water is from the water2,000 mdeep under the ground, at a temperature of43°C.The hot spring water there is rich in sodium bicarbonate, calcium, magnesium and fluoride, which has good efficacy tohypertension, heart disease,rheumatism, arthritis and cold hands and feet. Its indoor hot spring square is said to be the biggest in Asia and holds large scale icewater ridottos every night, and foreign and domestic performers put on great shows during the ridotto.

Self-driving route: Take the MadianFlyoveron the North Third Ring Road, then get onto Badaling Expressway, and go out from the13CExit, and go westward for 2 kilometers at Changpingxiguan Roundabout, then you will find it on the north side of the road.

Chunhuiyuan Spa Resort

Chunhuiyuan Spa Resortis located at the side of Wenyu River, “the first river across the frontier”. It is famous for its log cabins, waterfalls coming down from rockeries, small bridges over streams and its Japanese architectural style.

There are four types of hot springs in Chunhuiyuan Spa Resort. You can leisurely enjoy the winter scenery while soaking yourself in outdoorhot springs. The thermostatic indoorhot springshave the efficacy of facial improvement and auxiliary disease prevention. If you want to enjoy tranquility alone, all you have to do is to stay in a hotel room alone andenjoy the tranquility.

Self-driving route: Set out from Sanyuan Bridge and drive along Beijing-Shunyi Highway until Yuzhuang Village, Gaoliying Town, Shunyi District, you will see an obvious road mark. The whole journey takes about 1 hour.

Longmai Spa Resort

Longmai Spa Resort is located at Xiaotangshan Town, Changping District. It is named Longmai (Literally “dragon’s artery”) because it is built on the axis line of theImperialPalace. It is endowed with the best fresh waterhot springsand rich geothermal resources under the ground. It is adjacent to the Great Wall, the Ming Dynasty Tombs,MangshanMountain,YinshangBuddhistTowerForestand Snow World Skifield, etc.

Longmai Spa Resort consists of a four-star hot spring hotel and a quiet holiday club, with 39 luxury villas. The indoor hot spring recreation palace is designed to be the tropical rainforest architectural style with aquatic entertainment items; while the outdoor Mingtang Hot Spring Center hides in the bamboo groves with more than 20 hot spring pools. The water temperature of Longmaihot springskeeps at28 °C-32°Cthroughout the year. Due to various mineral substances and microelements contained in the water, thehot springshave ancillary curative effects on many diseases.

Self-driving route: Take Badaling Expressway from Madian Bridge on the North Third Ring Road, drive forward until you get to Xiaotangshan Exit, and then get onto the Sixth Ring Road and go on until you arriveat Daliushu Roundabout, and then go westward for about1 kmandyou will find it on the north side of the road; or you can drive northward from the Asian Games Village and go along Litang Road until you get to Daliushu Roundabout, then drive westward for1 kmand you will find it on the north side of the road.


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