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What's on in Beijing (July 22-28)

Enjoy Beijing

Food festival in Beijing offers treat to fans of Yangzhou cuisine

The ongoing Yangzhou Food Festival at the Beijing Minzu Hotel lets you enjoy a Yangzhou feast in Beijing through July 31. [more]

Children learn folk arts during summer vacation in N China

During the summer vacation, children can learn about folk arts with the guidance of successors of intangible cultural heritages in Langfang. [more]

Good Options for Old Peking Flavor Breakfast

Tasting Beijing style is a must-do duiring a tour in Beijing. Hence we select two typical Beijing snack for you. [more]


Balloon Art Exhibition opens in Tianjin

The "Fantasy and Illusion" Balloon Art Exhibition in the Heping District of Tianjin, north China, July 22, 2017. [more]

Yanqing hosts festival to boost rural tourism

The 2017 Yanqing Rural Tourism Culture Festival opened in Beijing's Yanqing district on Friday, with various activities staged to showcase its abundant cultural and tourism resources. [more]

Beijing holds 2017 "Looking China" screening ceremony

The 2017 Looking China Youth Film Project screening ceremony was held at Beijing Normal University on Friday, July 21. [more]


Chinese elderly favor exercise in parks

A place in China particularly dear and near to the elderly is in the public parks where they seek health and friends.[more]

Top 10 tourism cities on Chinese mainland

Beijing has been ranked as the best tourism city on the Chinese mainland, according to a study jointly issued by and[more]

Life in Beijing: a friendly city with milk and honey

It is only an insane person would deny the fact that China’s capital city, Beijing has become a centre of world attraction for all ‘creatures’ great and small. [more]

Legends of Beijing

Dragons in traditional Chinese culture

Dragons can be found everywhere in Chinese daily life and is widely favored by Chinese people. Eastern dragons symbolize power, luck, nobility and wisdom and kindness.[more]


Tips in Chengde

The resort showcases the best features of classical Chinese gardens, and is considered, along with the Forbidden City in Beijing and Confucius' Temple in Qufu, among the top three imperial architectural complexes in China. [more]

Chinese Culture

Inside-painting art in N China's Shijiazhuang

Inside-painting art, which has a history of more than 200 years, was also listed as one of the national intangible cultural heritages. Dong Xue and his daughter have continued to study the technique, and decided to pass on it. [more]

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