Learning Chinese | Inbound Tourism


Inbound Tourism, 入境游 rù jìng yóu

For a certain country or region, the travel of nationals (residents) of other countries (regions) to this country or region is called inbound tourism.

On June 25, the China Tourism Academy released the "China Inbound Tourism Development Report (2023-2024)". The report shows a strong recovery trend for China’s inbound tourism market in 2024. Searches for flights and accommodations in China have increased significantly, indicating a high demand for travel to China. With the restoration of international flight routes, improved travel convenience, and active promotion by tourism destinations, the market outlook is optimistic.

The report also highlights that China's culture and lifestyle are major attractions. Over 60% of surveyed inbound tourists cited experiencing Chinese culture as their main reason for visiting. Other popular experiences include Chinese cuisine, healthcare, and shopping.