5th anniversary of 'Beijing Author Day' celebrated at 30th Beijing International Book Fair


On June 22, the 2024 "Beijing Author Day" opening ceremony and the Book Launch of the 5th Anniversary and Signing Ceremony of Beijing Writers' Books Translation Program were successfully held at the China National Convention Center. The event was hosted by the Beijing Federation of Literary and Art Circles, co-organized by the Lao She Literature Institute and China National Publications Import and Export (Group) Corporation.

This year marks the 5th anniversary of the "Beijing Author Day" brand event, coinciding with the 30th Beijing International Book Fair. The event attracted prominent writers and critics from China and 33 other countries, including representatives of publishers and Sinologists.

Since its inception in 2019, "Beijing Author Day" has become a crucial platform for promoting Beijing literature globally. Over the past five years, 41 works by 35 Beijing writers have been signed with foreign publishers, translating into 13 languages across 18 countries, totaling approximately 7.35 million words.

At the opening ceremony, Chen Ning, Party secretary of Beijing Federation of Literary and Art Circles , highlighted the progress made over the past five years.

She noted that "Beijing Author Day" has created a comprehensive chain from content translation, cultural exchange, public reading, market cooperation, to promotion. This has effectively established an "international circle of friends" for Beijing literature and created a complete ecosystem for its global outreach.

Chen expressed her hopes for this year’s activities, aiming to further the development of Beijing literature, inspire writers, foster cultural exchanges, and enhance global recognition of Beijing's literary achievements.

Following the opening ceremony, a seminar titled "Chinese Stories, World Literature: A Dialogue on Beijing in Cross-cultural Settings" was held, moderated by writer Li Er. Chinese authors Liu Zhenyun, Qiao Ye, and Shi Yifeng engaged in in-depth discussions with Sinologists from Turkey, the United States, and Mexico, exploring the global significance of Beijing literature and stories.

During the achievements presentation segment, representatives involved in the BFLAC’s translation project shared their experiences. Authors Ning Ken and Qiao Ye, along with translators and international publishers from France, the UK, and Italy, discussed the impact of the translation project in bringing Beijing literature to a global audience.

In the afternoon, the 2024 Beijing Author Day "People's Intangible Cultural Heritage" special concert was held at the Lao She Theatre. The Central National Song and Dance Ensemble showcased over 20 intangible cultural heritage projects through music and dance, representing various ethnic groups, providing a cultural feast for nearly 300 guests, including writers, Sinologists, and members of the Beijing Dancers Association and Beijing Musicians Association.

The "Beijing Author Day" brand event aims to involve more writers, scholars, Sinologists, and international publishers in promoting Beijing literature and stories. The 2024 event, marking its fifth anniversary, features a diverse range of activities, including literary dialogues, translation promotions, exchanges with overseas readers, and classic literature readings, highlighting the achievements of the past five years and enhancing the global presence of Beijing literature.

China Daily