Lotus flowers bloom in Beijing


Accompanied by the croaking of frogs and the chirping of cicadas, the season of lotus flowers has arrived. Currently, the first wave of lotus flowers in Beijing is blooming. To know the best time to appreciate the flowers, please read the passage to find out.

Summer Palace

In the summer, the Summer Palace unfolds slowly under the sunlight and the breeze, resembling a vivid and delicate painting. Stepping into this historic imperial garden, one is greeted by a refreshing mist, as if the heat of the entire summer dissipates in an instant.

Recently, the lotus pond beside the western embankment of the Summer Palace is filled with lotus leaves. Lotus flowers and water lilies are blooming beautifully, creating a breathtaking scene.

The air is filled with the delicate fragrance of lotus flowers. In a gentle breeze, when sitting in a painted boat and admiring the lotus pond in the western area of the Summer Palace, one may feel like wandering in a painting. With the breeze from the lake, lotus leaves sway gently. Come and smell the refreshing scent of the lotus flowers.

Address: No. 23 Gongmenqian Jie (St), Haidian District, Beijing

Zizhuyuan Park

Recently, the first batch of lotus flowers at Zizhuyuan Park has quietly bloomed. The pink flowers peek out from between the green leaves, as if playing hide-and-seek with the visitors.

Zizhuyuan Park features three lakes: South Lake, North Lake, and the Great Lake. The South Lake is home to large plots of lotus flowers, and the Lotus Resort is located here. The Lotus Resort boasts a wide variety of lotus flowers, including special varieties such as Baiyang Red Lotus and Big Versicolor.

During the summer, Zizhuyuan Park will host the Bamboo and Lotus Cultural Season, the best opportunity to admire lotus flowers.

The Lotus Resort was constructed after the establishment of Zizhuyuan Park in 1953. Lotus seeds were introduced in the 1960s, giving the park over 60 years of lotus cultivation history. An 800-meter-long waterway was created through the lake, giving “Lotus Resort” its name. This area has become one of the best places for residents and tourists to escape the heat and admire lotus flowers.

Here, visitors can stroll along the shaded paths, leisurely taking photos and enjoying the scenery. They can also board a small boat and immerse themselves in the picturesque landscape, enjoying the gentle breeze and unique charm.


Operating hours for paddling boats in Lotus Resort: from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (no admission after 4:00 p.m.). Hours may be extended on weekends or holidays depending on the number of visitors.

Price: 15 RMB per person. One parent can bring one child under 1.2 meters for free.

Address: No. 35, Zhongguancun Nandajie (St), Haidian District, Beijing.

Yuyuantan Park

Recently, lotus flowers in the East and West Cherry Blossom Lakes of Yuyuantan Park, as well as in the “Fragrant Lotus” on the southwest bank of West Lake, have begun to bloom. It is expected that they will enter full bloom by late June to early July.

The sprawling lotus ponds, green lotus leaves, and vibrant lotus flowers complement each other, forming a beautiful picture that delights visitors. In the gentle breeze, the lotus flowers sway gracefully, evoking a poetic and picturesque scene and adding vibrant colors to the park in summer.

Address: No. 10, Xi 3 Huan Zhonglu (Rd), Haidian District, Beijing.

Old Summer Palace

Recently, lotus flowers have begun to bloom in The Old Summer Palace. Some varieties have already blossomed, displaying vibrant lotus flowers and water lilies amidst the lush green leaves. A gentle breeze carries their refreshing fragrance.

As the lotus buds just begin to show their tips, dragonflies are already perched upon them. Near the south gate, many flower buds await their time to bloom, creating a lively atmosphere. Delicate dragonflies flit and dance over the lotus pond, sometimes landing on the buds, other times hovering over the leaves, creating a picturesque and dynamic scene that adds vitality to the tranquil pond.

Fenghe Tower, Quyuan Fenghe, Changchun Xianguan, and Lianxi Lechu are major areas for lotus flower viewing, offering picturesque landscapes that attract many visitors for leisure and photography.

Address: No. 28, Qinghua Xilu (Rd), Haidian District, Beijing

Lianhuachi Park

On a scorching summer day, lotus flowers are in full bloom at Lianhuachi Park, with lush lotus leaves and blooming flowers filling the pond. The newly opened lotus flowers are delicate and charming, pure white without blemish. Each leaf stretches gracefully on the water surface, vibrant with green hues. The lotus flowers stand tall and elegant, exuding vibrant beauty that is simply breathtaking. It is expected that the best time to appreciate lotus flowers will be from late June to early July.

Recently, at the lotus cultivation base, a double lotus quietly appeared. Its pink petals unfurled outward resembling a pair of twin sisters. This variety of double lotus is named “Meiyuan Xiuse”. Against the backdrop of green leaves, it looks exceptionally delicate and charming.

Address: No. 38, Xi 3 Huan Zhonglu (Rd), Fengtai District, Beijing

Beihai Park

Beihai Park has a long history of lotus planting. Its unique beauty, particularly the scene of lotus flowers reflecting the White Dagoba, has made it one of the popular spots for lotus viewing during the peak of summer. The best time to admire lotus flowers here is in July.

This summer, come to Beihai Park and take a rowboat to leisurely navigate through the sea of flowers.

Address: No. 1, Wenjin Jie (St), Xicheng District, Beijing

Taoranting Park

The lotus flowers in Taoranting Park are expected to enter full bloom period in July. Fengyutongzhou Pavilion, Chuitai Pavilion (the replica of the pavilion in Yangzhou’s Slender West Lake), and Jinyue Pavilion (located at the north gate of The Park of Chinese Famous Pavilions) are all excellent places to enjoy the lotus flowers.

When lotus flowers are in full bloom, the green lotus leaves and graceful lotus flowers sway gently on the water. Sitting by the shore, one can enjoy the refreshing lotus fragrance carried by the breeze, bringing a sense of peace and relaxation.

Address: No. 19, Taiping Jie (St), Xicheng District, Beijing

Olympic Forest Park

The lotus flowers in Beijing Olympic Forest Park are mainly distributed in two areas: the Wetland in the South Park and the diversion canal of Qing River. The wetland area enjoys mostly red lotuses. Besides, there are also water lilies, reeds, cattails, and other rich aquatic plants. It is expected that the lotus flowers will enter their peak blooming period from late June to early July.

The elegant lotus flowers, interspersed among the reeds, add a unique charm to the water of the Olympic Forest Park.


South Garden: No. 33, Kehui Lu (Rd), Chaoyang District, Beijing

North Garden: Anli Lu (Rd), Chaoyang District, Beijing

The best time to admire lotus flowers

The best time to admire lotus flowers are in the morning and after rain showers. Lotus flowers typically bloom for about three days. They open in the morning, gradually close their petals by the afternoon, and then bloom again vigorously the next morning. Lotus flowers are most vibrant and beautiful in the early morning. After rain, lotus flowers appear even more refreshing, with sparkling water droplets adding to their charm.

Take advantage of midsummer and the blooming season of lotus flowers. Hurry to immerse yourself in the fragrant and cool ambiance of lotus ponds!