Welcome to Beijing Chaoyang!


"Beautiful Chaoyang" will create a bright future together with tourists from different places around the world

In Beijing, there is a vibrant place called "Beijing Chaoyang". This is the "First District Concerning Foreign Affairs in China", the only "District in Which Opening and Closing Ceremonies of Winter and Summer Olympics are Held" in the world, a fashionable and dynamic district, a colorful and brilliant holy land of art and the "city garden" in the hearts of people...

Relying on its regional advantages and resources, with an open and inclusive mind and the courage to follow no set form, Chaoyang District, Beijing strives to build a domestic leading and world-class cultural tourism destination.

Today, with the international fashionable breath of life, Olympic venues that are famous in China and abroad, diversified and integrated cultural field, and an ecological picture of the city and water, it is becoming the "poetry and distance" dreamed of by tourists from different places around the world

In Chaoyang, there is no need to worry about language barriers, because Chaoyang is highly "international".

In Chaoyang, within a 20-minute walk, you can always find a park to roam around.

For those who love life, go to Panjiayuan Flea Market and hunt for antique things.

How about visiting solo exhibitions in 798 Art District and 751D・PARK or shopping around on the widely popular Xiushui Street, where you can try Chinese-style clothing and enjoy the oriental charm.

At the trendy hangout spot THE BOX, you can hone your basketball skills with basketball stars

Don't forget to take your friends to a Michelin-starred restaurant or just feel the city's hustle and bustle at snack streets.

In the city of double Olympics, when standing on the Olympic Tower, the sixth tallest tower in China, to overlook the city you cannot help shouting out "love China!"

By the way, do you know about Beijing's "Seine River", you can skateboard, paddle, jog, or cycle all at here. Come and enjoy the tranquility the river brings to the city!

Living here for a long time, you'll find that there are many foreigners here. They are working, entertaining, studying, daydreaming, experiencing and doing whatever they want to do.

In open and vibrant Beijing Chaoyang, we are looking forward to meeting you!

No matter where you are from, welcome to Beijing Chaoyang to enjoy the splendor together.

Chaoyang Integrated Media Center (朝阳融媒)