8 ice cream treats recommend to try this summer


Enjoying ice cream on a hot summer day can be a perfect way to cool down. As summer heats up, we've gathered a list of great ice cream treats in Beijing to help you beat the heat.

NO.1 Beiping Ice Factory

Its store features a bright and cheerful decor in orange, blue, and white. The adorable ice bear holding an orange and a series of creative cultural products are very eye-catching.

In addition to the famous traditional ice pops and creatively shaped ice creams, the store offers sodas, handmade chocolates, classic fruit bread, traditional Beijing-style yogurt served in porcelain jars.

Address: No.25, North Huayuan Road, Haidian District

NO.2 Sunnyum

Founded in 1980s, Sunnyum is a dairy shop with a wide range of products such as double-skin milk, cheese, almond tofu, and milk buns. All these dairy products are moderately sweet.

Sunnyum stores can be found across Beijing. On a hot summer day, walking into one of these stores for a bowl of chilled almond tofu is an absolute delight.

NO.3 Yao Cafe

Healthy drink-featured Yao Cafe, which is operated by Baita Temple Pharmacy, attracts significant attention from the public.

The cafe is famous for its Chinese beverages, including roselle plum drink and snow pear soup, both of which are specially prepared according to traditional recipes to deliver rich flavors and health benefits. Additionally, its menu adapts with the seasons to provide diverse selection of drinks.

Address: 1st Floor, Baita Temple Pharmacy, 165 Fuchengmen Inner Street, Xicheng District

NO.4 Chinese tea ice cream

As a renowned old Beijing brand, Wuyutai Tea House boasts a remarkable history of over 130 years. Over recent years, it has embraced innovation by diversifying its products, among which tea ice cream has become popular with customers.

For the tea ice cream, there are two flavors to choose from. The matcha option offers a subtle bitterness compared to the jasmine tea flavor. Tea lovers shouldn't miss it.

Address: No. 42, Qianmen Street

Tip: Refer to the map to find the closest chain store location; since the ice cream melts quickly, it's best enjoyed promptly.

NO.5 Wangfujing cloud ice cream

This cute cloud-shaped ice cream, full of milky flavor, is offered by the pop-up pink ice cream truck from Vege Wonder Restaurant at Wangfujing Central. It is available at least through June.

Address: Entrance of Wangfu Central

NO.6 Douzhi ice cream

Douzhi, a fermented mung bean milk with a distinctive slightly sour taste, is a familiar dish among Beijingers. Yinsan Douzhi's innovative douzhi-flavored ice cream combines the unique douzhi taste with creamy sweetness, offering a delightful fusion of tradition and modern taste. It's definitely worth a try.

Address: B1, Wangfujing Xiyue Shopping Center

NO.7 Fuhuazhai traditional snacks

The highlight of summer at Fuhuazhai Chinese Pastry Shop is  Watermelon Jelly, available in limited batches every morning and at 3 PM. With a strong watermelon flavor, it is very refreshing.

Address: No. 85, Huguosi Street.

NO.8 Summer Palace hawthorn ice cream

The hawthorn ice cream is a must-try when visiting the Summer Palace. Instead of being overly sour, its balanced sweetness makes it a perfect summer treat.

Address: Near Yulan Gate, Summer Palace

Overall, ice cream is the joy of summer. But it's important to enjoy it in moderation for the best experience.