Beautiful beaches around Beijing: Discover coastal destinations for summer


Beidaihe Scenic Area, a renowned summer resort near Beijing, is located southwest of Qinhuangdao City in Hebei Province.

Where to go

Geziwo Park

GeziwoPark is known as one of the "Nine Great Sunrise Viewing Spots of China" and "One of the Top Ten Scenic Spots in Qinhuangdao."

GeziwoPark is an ideal spot to watch the sunrise, where you can often witness the spectacular sight of the "sun bathed in sea water."

Opening Time: 4:00 AM (subject to change based on actual sunrise time; please check park announcements for updates)

Tip: Dress warmly as it can be cold and humid at the beach in the early morning.


Bring a bucket, shovel, tongs, gloves, waterproof shoes, and sun-protective clothing. On the beach, you can dig for crabs, clams, sea snails, and fish, uncovering treasures that the ocean has washed ashore.

Recommended Time: 6:00 AM-10:00 AM

Tip: Be cautious of sharp shells on the rocks and avoid touching any jellyfish washed ashore to prevent stings.

Bird Watching

The park is also known as a world-class bird-watching site. Every spring and autumn, tens of thousands of rare migratory birds stop here. In summer, while migratory birds are fewer, seagulls and egrets still gather, making it a worthwhile sight.

Eagle Corner Rock

Eagle Corner Rock, one of Beidaihe's "Old Twenty-Four Scenic Spots," earns its name from its resemblance to a soaring eagle perched on the cliff.


Qianshuiwan, or literally Shallow Water Bay, lies opposite Qinhuangdao Wildlife Park. It features a beach stretching about 3,000 meters and a shallow sea area with depths of less than 6 meters. Its fine and soft sand, gentle waves and clear water make it ideal for novice swimmers.

A wooden boardwalk extends into the sea, offering an ideal setting for taking photos that looks like walking on water.

Biluo Tower Bar Park

Surrounded by the sea on three sides, the Biluo Tower Bar Park boasts beaches, rocks, pine forests, and beautiful ocean views.

Biluo Tower, the park's main building, stands 21 meters high with 7 floors. This seven-story biomimetic tower features designs inspired by water, earth, and sky. As the only conch-shaped spiral tower, it offers visitors magnificent sea views.

Tiger Stone Marine Park

Located on the east side of the central beach, huge rocks protrude into the sea, resembling tigers, hence the name of Tiger Stone. Tiger Stone Bathing Beach is at the center of Beidaihe Beach Resort. With a vast beach, boundless sea, gentle slopes, and good water quality, it has been the most-visited bathing place in summer holiday.

As night falls, the lighted beach and scenic area create a romantic atmosphere.


Aranya, situated in the middle of the golden coast of Changli County, Qinhuangdao, is a resort with extensive beachfront, dunes, tidal flats, and forests.

Aranya Seashore Chapel

As a signature landmark of Aranya, the chapel hosts cultural activities and art exhibitions, providing a space for meditation and contemplation. On sunny days, it looks like a grand elegant white piano playing joyful tunes on the beach.

Aranya Art Center

Designed by renowned architects Guo Xi’en and Hu Rushan, this center presents their feelings for architecture, art, the sea, and life. It collaborates with notable Chinese and international artists and institutions, offering activities including academic exhibitions, public programs and workshops.

Solitary Library

This seaside public library is designed by a famous architect Dong Gong. It is accessible only by foot, requiring a walk through the sand as there is no driveway.

Where to stay

Xiangshe Homestay

Located in Beidaihe Art Village which is one kilometer from Beidaihe Railway Station, Xiangshe Homestay is a boutique homestay with a theme of herbal culture.

There are eight uniquely themed rooms named after different herbs, each boasting distinct features: Lavender and Chamomile suites are elegant; Peppermint and Thyme canopy bed rooms are romantic; Lemon Balm and Perilla Japanese-style tatami rooms are rustic; Rosemary and Marjoram twin rooms are cozy.

Peach Blossom Book House Homestay

Unlike many other counterparts, Peach Blossom Book House Homestay is a combination of a public library and a book-themed homestay.

It sells only its own publications, while other books are available for free reading. And it offers a variety of books for villagers and tourists, including those on history, economics, social sciences, and literature.

Its innovative model of combining a homestay with a bookstore has become a vivid example of characteristic town development, promoting the transformation and upgrading of tourist attractions and agritainment.

Qinhuangdao Marriott Resort

This hotel is North China's first full-sea-view Marriott resort, with a total building area of about 59,000 square meters and 283 spacious and elegant all-sea-view rooms and suites.

The 11th floor, the highest public area, offers a 24-hour fitness room, an indoor heated pool, and an outdoor infinity pool with a stunning sea view.

Anlan Hotel Qinhuangdao

As a locally operated brand, the Anlan Hotel Qinhuangdao is located at the center of Aranya. It offers different types of rooms, all with excellent views and large balconies for a homely and comfortable stay. The hotel also features a reading and interaction area in the lobby and a multifunctional hall for events such as company annual meetings.

What to eat

Zhao Family Dumplings

Founded in 1921 in Changli County, Zhao Family Dumplings is a Chinese time-honored brand. In 2000, it was rated as one of Qinhuangdao's top ten delicacies. And in 2008, it was listed as a provincial intangible cultural heritage by the Hebei Provincial Department of Culture.

Its steamed dumplings are known for their thin, non-sticky wrappers, fresh filling, and unique flavor.

Huiji Mung Bean Cake

As a specialty of Shanhaiguan, Huiji Mung Bean Cake is made from locally produced mung beans and sugar. It is oily but not greasy, soft, sweet, and richly flavored.

Pigeon Nest