Chinese Zhusuan


Chinese Zhusuan is on display in Beijing in June, 2024, at China National Arts and Crafts Museum (China Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum).

Chinese Zhusuan is a traditional method of performing mathematical calculations invented by the Chinese working people. Praised as the "Fifth Great Invention" of ancient China, it is a valuable part of the Chinese cultural heritage. Over nearly two thousand years of development, Chinese Zhusuan has played a significant role in the development of China's society, economy, culture, and science. It has also had a certain impact on and promoted the development of the economy and culture in some other countries and regions around the world. In 2008, Chinese Zhusuan (Cheng Dawei's calculation method and Zhusuan culture) was included in the National Intangible Cultural Heritage Representative Items with project number X-119. On December 4, 2013, Chinese Zhusuan – knowledge and practices of mathematical calculation through the abacus – was inscribed on UNESCO's "Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity".