Learning Chinese| Development of World-Class Archaeological Institutions


Development of World-Class Archaeological Institutions, 世界一流考古机构建设 shì jiè yī liú kǎo gǔ jī gòu jiàn shè

To comprehensively enhance the overall strength of China's archaeological institutions and promote the high-quality development of cultural relics and archaeology, the National Cultural Heritage Administration recently issued the "Guidelines for Promoting the Construction of World-Class Archaeological Institutions (Trial)." This document outlines the relevant work plan.

The guidelines propose that the construction of world-class archaeological institutions should focus on improving academic research, international cooperation, management innovation, and team building. The aim is to promote a number of high-level archaeological institutions to world-class ones. The work will be implemented in two phases: by 2030, 10-15 world-class archaeological institutions will be cultivated, significantly enhancing the international influence of Chinese archaeology; by 2035, a number of world-class archaeological institutions will be established, greatly enhancing their comprehensive capabilities and leading the construction of archaeology with Chinese characteristics, style, and ethos.

Additionally, the National Cultural Heritage Administration will organize evaluations of world-class archaeological institutions every three years, making adjustment to the list of "World-Class Archaeological Institutions Construction" based on the evaluation results.