World Children's Day


June 1st is celebrated as Children's Day in many countries around the world. The purpose of this day is to safeguard children's rights to survival, health, and education, to improve children's lives, and to combat child abuse and exploitation.

History of Children's Day in China

The first Children's Day in China was on April 4, 1932. In 1931, National Child Welfare Association of China initiated a proposal to designate April 4 as Children's Day. Subsequently, the Ministry of Education formulated the Children's Day celebration guidelines, which were implemented on April 4 of the following year. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, the Government Administration Council of the Central People's Government announced on December 23, 1949, that "World Children's Day" on June 1 would replace the original "April 4 Children's Day."

On Children's Day, celebrations typically include giving children toys and gifts, or taking them out for a meal or a day of fun. In some countries, Children's Day is a national holiday, allowing parents to have the day off and spend time with their children.

As Children's Day approaches, we wish all the lovely children a carefree and happy growth, with innocent hearts and joyful smiles.