Learning Chinese | Global Supply Chain


Global Supply Chain, 全球供应链 quán qiú gōng yìn liàn

The global supply chain refers to the combination of supply chains on a worldwide scale. It requires a global perspective to extend the supply chain system across the entire world, selecting the most competitive partners around the globe based on the needs of enterprises. Global supply chain management emphasizes the comprehensive and rapid understanding of consumer demands worldwide while planning, coordinating, operating, controlling, and optimizing these demands. By relying on modern network information technology, core enterprises within the supply chain integrate and respond quickly to achieve seamless coordination and smooth flows of commerce, logistics, capital, and information between the core enterprise and its suppliers, the suppliers' suppliers, the core enterprise and its distributors, and even the end consumers. The goal is to meet global consumer demands.

Global supply chain facilitates a series of interconnected business activities dispersed worldwide, including the procurement of raw materials and parts, processing and obtaining the final product, adding value to the product, distributing it to retailers and consumers, and exchanging information among various business entities. Its primary objective is to reduce costs and increase profits.