Beijing witnessed the aurora borealis, framed with Great Wall


On the evening of May 11 to the early morning of May 12, many netizens in Huairou District, Beijing captured the aurora borealis in Liulimiao Town and the Mutianyu Great Wall. According to experts, the occurrence of the aurora borealis is due to the stream of charged particles (solar wind) entering the Earth's magnetic field. Due to the effect of the geomagnetic field, these high-energy particles turn to the polar region and collide with atoms in the upper atmosphere near the Earth's north and south poles, causing a luminous phenomenon. Although the aurora borealis is commonly seen in high magnetic latitude areas, if the geomagnetic storm is particularly strong, the range of the aurora borealis will expand, and it will also make the aurora borealis appear in Beijing, which is located at 40°N.