Bring kids here on weekends


Many parents find themselves puzzled about how to spend quality time with their children over the weekend. It is said that some modern parents' parenting philosophy is: "Raising a little version of oneself again!"

We have compiled a list of places for family outings, including parks, zoos, aquariums, amusement parks, and theaters! These places are loved by both adults and children alike. Take a look!

If there is one place that can bring laughter and joy to children while also allowing adults to rediscover their inner child and relive their childhood, then it must be none other than an amusement park.

POP Land

This is a fairy tale park within a park, featuring distinct IP-themed areas and a variety of fun and light recreational facilities. You won't regret visiting! POP Land boasts a fantastic and colorful Bubble Street, as well as a forest area that inherits the natural landscape of Chaoyang Park, providing children with plenty of joyful moments!

Location: Within Chaoyang Park, No. 1 Chaoyang Park South Road, Chaoyang District

Opening Hours: 10:00-20:00, last entry at 19:00

Food Recommendations: Grilled Cumin French Lamb Chops, BBQ Pork Ribs, Children's Meals, Cappuccino.

Beijing Happy Valley

Happy Valley features numerous large-scale amusement facilities where you can experience thrilling sensations and enjoy panoramic views of the park from high above. If you're a roller coaster enthusiast, you can't miss attractions like "Crystal Wing," "Speeding Coaster," and "Family Coaster."

Location: Xiaowuji North Road, Nanmofang Area, Chaoyang District

Opening Hours: 9:00-22:00, last entry at 21:00

Food Recommendation: Rosemary roast chicken

Shijingshan Amusement Park

As one of Beijing's famous long-standing amusement parks, it offers incredibly fun rides like roller coasters, pirate ships, and thrilling river rides, all brimming with childlike wonder, allowing you to enjoy wonderful parent-child moments together. The combination of castles and ferris wheels is simply enchanting!

From the left side of the castle, you can capture the reflection in the water perfectly, and the park's "Flight the World" ride comes highly recommended by many netizens.

Location: 25 Shijingshan Road, Shijingshan District

Opening Hours: Weekdays 9:00-17:00, last entry at 16:30; Public holidays and weekends 9:00-18:00, last entry at 17:30 (Closed every Monday)

Food Recommendations: Cheers Train Restaurant, Romantic Feast

Beijing Zoo

When taking your kids to Beijing Zoo, don't miss out on the Aviary Lake, Panda House, Amphibian and Reptile House, and the Pelican Shop. These four places are must-visits! If you want to observe animals up close and witness their skills, don't skip the animal performances either!

Location: 137 Xizhimenwai Street, Xicheng District

Opening Hours: 7:30-19:00 (Last entry at 18:00)

Food Recommendations: Panda Café, Bamboo Village

Beijing Aquarium

Located within the Beijing Zoo, the Beijing Aquarium features a massive, conch-shaped building with two floors, divided into seven themed areas: Rainforest Wonderland, Shark Town, Oceanic Odyssey, Bering Strait, Chinese Sturgeon Pavilion, Whale and Dolphin Bay, and the Ocean Theater.

Visitors can observe various aquatic creatures of different shapes and sizes, as well as enjoy marine animal performances.

Location: No. 18, Gaoliangqiao Xiejie, Haidian District

Opening Hours: From April 1st to June 30th, 2024, 9:00-17:30 (Last entry at 17:00)

Food Recommendations: Panda Café, Bamboo Village

Beijing Wildlife Park

Come to Beijing Wildlife Park for a relaxing weekend and enjoy interacting with the animals, which is simply delightful! Netizens recommend the "Three-Piece Healing Set": watching capybaras enjoying oranges, seeing red pandas sticking out their tongues, and watching gibbons spinning around. The Moon Crescent Lake in the self-driving area is also beautiful. On a nice day, stop by the lake to enjoy the breeze, it's very pleasant.

Location: Yufa Town, 106 National Road, Daxing District

Opening Hours: 8:30-17:30, last entry at 16:00

Food Recommendations: Red Panda Café, Mini Train Restaurant, Cozy Restaurant, Lakeview Restaurant

China Science and Technology Museum

The highly popular China Science and Technology Museum is a must-visit!

Situated to the west is the Olympic water games venue, to the south is the Olympic Stadium, and to the north is a forest park. The overall architecture resembles a large square, with several block-like units interlocking to form a huge "Lu Ban Lock," symbolizing the meaning of "unlocking" and "exploring."

Here, science education, academic exchange, and leisure entertainment come together, representing the perfect fusion of technology and entertainment. The museum features a Children Science Playground, suitable for children aged 3-8 to explore. Bringing your kids here allows them to experience the charm of technology and plant the seed of curiosity in their hearts!

Location: No. 5 Beichen East Road, Chaoyang District

Opening Hours: 9:30-17:00, last entry at 16:00

Food Recommendations: China Science and Technology Museum Visitor Restaurant; takeaway available inside the museum.

Beijing Planetarium

Take your little one to Beijing Planetarium for a fun and educational experience about celestial movements. Beijing Planetarium consists of two halls, A and B, with a total of four science theaters. It also features astronomy exhibition halls, a solar observatory, a public observatory, astronomy classrooms, and various other science education facilities.

In the 3D theater, audiences wear 3D glasses to enjoy various wonders of the vast universe, feeling as if they are immersed in the starry sky!

Location: No. 138 Xizhimenwai Street, Xicheng District

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 9:00-16:30, last entry at 16:00

Food Recommendations: Cafeteria on the basement level of Hall B.

China National Children's Center - Laoniu Children Discovery Museum

This is a technology museum aimed at early childhood enlightenment! It provides exploration for babies aged 0-7, with an overall emphasis on popular science and exploration, as well as some themed and role-playing activities. There are also some popular science or handicraft workshops inside, where babies have a high level of participation. Additionally, there are multiple 4D movies, suitable for babies who are not afraid of the dark.

Location: No. 43 Ping'anli West Street, Xicheng District, within the China National Children's Center

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 9:00-12:00, 14:00-17:00

Food Recommendations: Xinjiang Restaurant · Urumqi, Niujie Halal Manhengji

Translator: NIU Lihua

Reviewer: JIANG Wenyi