Summer escape on Beijing suburban roads: Forests, clouds create breathtaking beauty


The Beginning of Summer (Lixia - one of the the 24 solar terms) has arrived, and it won't be long before it starts to heat up. A blacktop stretches ahead into the unknown, inviting exploration amidst nature's embrace. Under the shifting canvas of sky, breeze, forests, rivers and wildflowers, these five suburban roads in Beijing promise an unparalleled summer getaway. The enjoyable experience of road trips offers you a refreshing journey.

U-shaped Road — Gulong Road

In Yanqing District lies a road like no other. "Last weekend, on my way to Guyaju Caves in Yanqing, I was awestruck by a section of road called Gulong," shared a netizen. This U-shaped stretch offers a visual spectacle: from one side of the hill to see the other, the road seems to lead straight into the sky.

Gulong Road winds through the scenic spots from Guyaju Caves to Longqing Gorge, including the Yudu Mountain Scenic Area. Its defining feature is the significant elevation changes, providing drivers with exhilarating experiences. Travelling along this road, one can't help but marvel at the breathtaking beauty of the landscape.

Baili Landscape Gallery, Cangmi Ancient Road— QianxiaoRoad

In 2023, this road was awarded the title of Beautiful Village Road in China. It's an important tourist route within the Baili Landscape Gallery transportation network, serving as the only transportation channel in the northeastern part of Qianjiadian Town — Qianxiao Road.

Qianxiaolu Road passes through attractions like the Petrified Wood National Geopark, Wulong Canyon, and Dishuhu Waterfall.

Driving through the road amid the lush greenery, one can enjoy the sights and sounds of nature in every season. Looking into the distance, mountains and valleys complement each other, wisps of smoke curl up and streams babble along. 

Imagine cruising down this country road with 98% vegetation coverage, opening the sunroof, and playing some classic country tunes — it's truly enjoyable.

Old or new routesas you choose— Changchi Road

With the opening of the new 15.66-kilometer Changchi Road, a famous suburban road in Beijing now has two versions.

The old Changchi Road is a mountainous route favored by many car enthusiasts and cyclists. In spring, the Seven-arch Bridge Flower Sea dazzles with blossoms, while summer reveals endless greenery, autumn paints the trees with hues of rust, creating mesmerizing visuals.

Heading north from Changping to Yanqing, the old Changchi Road passes through natural attractions like the Ming Tombs, Lotus Mountain Forest Park, Yongning Ancient Town, Yanshan Tianchi, and Baihebao Reservoir, while the new Changchi Road allows faster access to these attractions.

Tourists, entering Yanqing via Changchi Road, can take the new route to bypass the heavily congested Yongning Town area, reducing travel time by nearly 30 minutes to attractions like Yanshan Tianchi, Baili Landscape Gallery, and Four Seasons Flower Sea.

Path to primitive forests, clouds— Lanian Road

"Today, along the Lanian Road, there are rushing mountain springs and picturesque greenery," introduced a mid-April scenery in a radio show of Beijing Communication Radio.

In Labagoumen Manchu ethnic township of the mountainous area of North Huairou, there's a popular road known for its primitive forests, rare cloudscape and summer glaciers in Beijing. This road goes by towering Baizhang Cliff, Yishan Pine Tree with mystical legends, Longevity Spring, expansive birch forests and historical sites Fenghuang Terrace. It's the selected Most Beautiful Countryside Road— the Lanian Road.

To explore the primitive forests and enjoy a refreshing summer, head to Lanian Road— a scenic route leading to the Labagoumen Scenic Area. Spanning 13.7 kilometers from the gas sation in the south of Labagoumen Village to Huangdianzi Bridge, the road features 12 scenic parking lots, 8 leisure harbors, 3 viewing platforms and 2 rest areas for visitors to park, rest and enjoy the scenery.

Most beautiful section of G109 National Road— Mentougou Section

From Fuchengmen to Mentougou, the urban scenery gradually fades away along the G109 National Road, particularly in the winding mountain roads of Mount Miaofeng. Starting from G109 (memorial archway of Mount) Miaofeng, ending in the Huiji Temple on Mountain Miaofeng, it spans over 20 kilometers with smooth surfaces and gentle slopes, almost devoid of forks along the route.

By mid-April, the greening rate within the Mentougou road area has reached 100%. As the saying goes, entering Mentougou is like stepping into a natural geological museum. Why not come and see for yourself?

In summer, the mountain breeze, forests and rivers beckon—these are the places your heart longs for.

Translator: SHEN Ruixuan

Reviewer: NIU Lihua