Traditional Chinese Suzhou embroidery meets haute couture


Organized by the National Art Museum of China and Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, the exhibition presents the creations designed by Lan Yu and opens at the National Art Museum of China.

The exhibition is divided into two sections: Traditional Chinese Suzhou embroidery and haute couture, showcasing the beauty of Chinese poetry, painting, and silk. The Su embroidery section focuses on 11 pieces of Lan Yu's Su embroidery works and Su embroidery installations, which were created in collaboration with her mother, Lan Tanghua, who is also a Su embroidery artist and the fifth-generation successor of the Lan family. The haute couture section displays 22 modern fashion works created by Lan Yu in recent years, which integrate traditional Su embroidery craftsmanship with modern fashion design, reflecting the combination of tradition and modernity.

The exhibition will be on display until May 13th.