The Exhibition of The Chinese Currency History


Coins represent the largest category of movable cultural relics in China and enjoy the highest proportion. They are also the relics close to people’s daily life, with a large number of collectors and enthusiasts in China.

With over two millennia of continuous development, China's currency history is rich in cultural significance. From the day of its appearance, Chinese currency has borne distinctive cultural traits, serving as the origin and embodiment of Oriental monetary culture. The currency-related thoughts in Chinese history still exist with wisdom, offering profound enlightenment.

The China Numismatic Museum has a rich collection of coins from various dynasties, showcasing over 2,900 pieces of currency made from different materials in the exhibition. Accompanied by extensive textual and background materials, the exhibition fully embodies China's millennia-long currency development history. Visitors can gain a profound understanding of China's currency history as well as its political, economic, social, and cultural development through the changes in coin materials, shapes and inscriptions. The museum has an abundant collection of pre-Qin currency. As China’s central bank museum, it also has Qing Dynasty pattern coins, late Qing and Republic of China period mechanized coin patterns, and gold patterns. The exhibition has taken into account the diverse needs of visitors. Both ordinary visitors and coin enthusiasts can acquire rich historical knowledge here, while also marveling at the exquisite rare coins on display.