Caofeidian Wetland Tourism Resort


The Caofeidian Wetland is located in Caofeidian District, Tangshan City, and is the largest coastal wetland in northern China with international significance. It covers a total area of 540 square kilometers, including a provincial-level wetland and bird nature reserve covering 110 square kilometers. It is known as the largest wetland area and bird conservation area in the north and is often referred to as the “paradise for migratory birds”.

The wetland is home to over 1,200 species of wild animals and plants, including 238 species of wild plants from 63 families and 307 species of birds from 17 orders and 52 families. It serves as an important stopover and habitat for bird migration from Australia to Siberia and is recognized by the International Wetland Organization as a “wetland conservation area with great development potential and rarity”.

Caofei Lake boasts vast water surfaces, making it not only a great place for boat tours and fishing but also a water source for surrounding agricultural production and a backup water source for the Caofeidian Industrial Zone.

The grasslands of Caofeidian

With clear skies, blue waters, and green grass, this place offers a pleasant climate where numerous birds find shelter for breeding and play. The lake and mountains are adorned with fish diving and birds soaring, while reeds sway in the ripples, creating a beautiful and enchanting natural ink painting.

As the sun sets, the remaining rays of sunlight cast a golden halo over the wide water surface, enveloping the entire wetland in a stunning beauty.

Contact Information:

Best Time to Visit: April-November

Recommended Visit Duration: 4 Hours

Ticket Price: Free

Opening Hours: All Day Round

Address: Caofeidian area No.7 Farm West Line, Tangshan City, Hebei Province