Weather tips amid Qingming holiday


Today, it will be cloudy in the morning and then turn sunny. The wind will change from north to south, with a strength of 2-3, occasionally reaching 4. The highest temperature will be 19℃. At night, it will be clear and then become partly cloudy. The wind will change from south to north, with a strength of about 2. The lowest temperature will be 10℃.

During the Qingming holiday, the weather in Beijing will be mostly cloudy to sunny. Due to the influence of weak cold air, there will be light rain or scattered light rain in the mountainous areas on the night of the 4th and the night of the 6th. In addition, on the afternoon of the 4th, there will be a south wind of 3-4, with gusts of about 6. In terms of temperature, the visibility will be good during the Qingming holiday, and the temperature will be stable. The highest temperature during the day will be 18℃ to 20℃, and the lowest temperature at night will be 8℃ to 10℃.