"Magnificence and Grandeur: Immersive Experience of Grotto Art" now open to the public at the National Museum of China


"Magnificence and Grandeur: Immersive Experience of Grotto Art" featuring panoramic views of five major grotto sites is now open to the public at the National Museum of China.

Covering approximately 1500 square meters, this immersive exhibition combines digital drawing, imagery, and AI algorithms to present, explore, and interpret the artistic styles and rich symbolism of the Kizil Caves, Dunhuang Mogao Caves, Maijishan Caves, Yungang Caves, and Longmen Caves from a contemporary perspective.

The main hall features a giant digital installation shaped like blooming lotus flowers. Divided into five sections, including "Diamond World," "Eternal Gems," "Eastern Smiles," "Common Origins," and "Enchanted Realms," the exhibition offers a comprehensive immersive experience, allowing visitors to engage with cave art in innovative ways.

Each section of the "Art Space-Time Experience" area highlights distinct characteristics of the caves, arranged geographically from west to east. For example, "Diamond World" showcases representative mural scenes from the Kizil Caves, depicting the development and flourishing of cave art over time.

In "Eternal Gems," intricate patterns from the Mogao Caves, such as botanical motifs, clouds, flames, celestial beings, geometric patterns, and animals, are digitally rendered to illustrate the brilliant artistic style of the cave.

"Eastern Smiles" incorporates the unique landscape textures of the Maijishan Caves, portraying smiling Buddha figures amidst misty rain and golden rays, evoking the essence of Eastern spirituality.

"Common Origins" draws inspiration from the Yungang Caves, embedding cave structures into weathered cliff faces to showcase the beauty of lines, patterns, and colors that have endured through time.

"Enchanted Realms" creatively reinterprets inscriptions from the Longmen Caves, presenting the "Twenty Discourses on the Dragon Gate" in the form of suspended calligraphic sculptures.

Additionally, the "Educational Interactive Experience Area" allows visitors to collect stamps and create their own mural paintings, which can then be displayed on screens through interactive devices. In the "Derivative Art Area," visitors can purchase cultural and creative products inspired by cave art to take home.

The highlights of this immersive experience are the giant digital installations and interactive exhibits, which offer a fresh perspective on cave art through imaginative digital reinterpretations. Visitors are invited to journey through time and space, experiencing the splendor of Chinese civilization at the National Museum of China.

Location: North Side Third-Floor Platform and Corridor of the National Museum of China

Duration: December 9, 2023 - December 9, 2024 (tentative)

Translator: ZHANG Bo

Reviewer: JIANG Wenyi