The "Ink Splendor and Cultural Context- Works of Xin'an Painting School" was held at the National Art Museum of China


On March 10th, the "Ink Splendor and Cultural Context-Works of Xin'an Painting School" was hosted by National Art Museum of China, the Department of Culture and Tourism of Anhui Province (Anhui Provincial Cultural Relics), and Huangshan Municipal People’s Government.

Since 2023, the National Art Museum of China has been cooperating with various museums to jointly host the "Ink Splendor and Cultural Context" series of exhibitions, becoming a new model of cooperation of art galleries and museums in the new era. This exhibition contains the theme, selecting more than 100 pieces (sets) of paintings and related cultural relics of Xin'an Painting School from Anhui Museum, Anhui China Huizhou Culture Museum, and Huizhou History Museum of Anhui. It includes important works of art by representative figures of the School such as Cheng Jiasui, Jian Jiang, Cha Shibiao, Cheng Sui, Dai Benxiao, Sun Yi, and Huang Binhong. These paintings comprehensively showcase the unique style and artistic achievements of the School. The exhibition is divided into three units: "Continuity of Tradition", "Variety in Paintings", and "Influence of Huizhou." The first unit mainly exhibits the masterpieces of the Xin'an Painting School that were passed down through generations, as well as world-class traditional Chinese stationery such as writing brushes, ink sticks, paper and inkstones; the second unit displays early works of the School and masterpieces of the "Four Masters of Xin'an"; and the third unit mainly showcases the development and innovation of the emerging talents of the School and works influenced by the Xin'an Painting School.

The Xin'an Painting School is rooted in the Huizhou culture. With pioneers such as Cheng Jiasui, Li Yongchang, and Li Liufang, later leaded by Jian Jiang, the school had more than a hundred members in its peak period. Jian Jiang, Cha Shibiao, Sun Yi and Wang Zhirui are honored as the "Four Masters of Xin'an".

The exhibition is presented in Halls 19-21 on the fifth floor of the National Art Museum of China and will be on display until June 10th (closed on Mondays, except for statutory holidays).