Beijing Zoo


Beijing Zoo was founded in 1906. It was built by the Ministry of Commerce in the "agricultural testing ground" of the Qing Dynasty, on the former site of the "two parks and two temples", namely Leshan Garden, Ji Garden, Guangshan Temple and Hui'an Temple, in Xizhimenwai. The park is made up of three parts: zoo, botanical garden and agricultural experiment. The original zoo is located to the east of the park, covering an area of 1.5 hectares. It is the first zoo open to the public in China and the first park open to the public in northern China. According to research, this place is also the birthplace of modern Chinese zoos, botanical gardens and museums.

Beijing Zoo was officially named in 1955. It covers an area of 80.05 hectares, where about 500 species of rare wild animals are exhibited, in total more than 5,000 rare wild animals. Beijing Zoo adheres to "equal attention to education and protection, and equal emphasis on safety and service." Focusing on the goal of making Beijing a world city, it strives to become a card of Beijing that shows the charm of the capital to domestic tourists and shows the image of China to foreign tourists. Beijing Zoo is a key national park, a national key cultural relics protection unit, a national popular science education base, and a AAAA-level national scenic spot.

Panda Coffee

Panda Coffee is located on the second floor of the Olympic Panda Pavilion at Beijing Zoo. Since it opened on the first day of Chinese New Year 2022, it has become one of the popular cafes visited by internet celebrities in Beijing.

At Panda Coffee, giant panda elements are seen everywhere, such as the giant panda doll decorations in the store, the giant panda lattes, the giant panda slices, the profiteroles, and macaroni in the shape of a giant panda, glasses and napkins with a giant panda image, giant panda stuffed animals of different sizes, etc.

Here at the Panda Coffee cafeteria, you can have a very delicious coffee while seeing the cute giant pandas.

To enter Panda Coffee, you need to purchase a Beijing Zoo ticket that includes the Panda Pavilion.