Liangma River


The Liangma River International Style Bank trip is one of the first national-level core projects in the area of night culture and tourism consumption agglomeration. The International Style Bank of the Liangma River, an international water business and leisure hall in Beijing and a new hangout for Internet celebrities, is located in the "International Style Belt", which forms a part of the "one core" plan. , two belts and five areas" proposed by Chaoyang District, Beijing. Connecting the two major commercial districts of Sanlitun and SOLANA, it is an important part of realizing Chaoyang district as the main international consumption center area of Beijing city.

In recent years, Beijing's Chaoyang District has promoted urban renewal and built the 800,000-square-meter Liangma River International Style Bank. And a 6-kilometer navigation has been carried out, passing through many commercial districts such as Yansha, SOLANA, Honglingjin Park and parks. It has already become a new highlight of Beijing's high-quality development. In summer, you can take a boat along the Liangma River to visit the twenty-four bridges and eighteen views.