798 Art District


Like the famous Great Wall and the Forbidden City, the 798 Art District is also one of the most visited Beijing landmarks by tourists from all over the world. Art District 798 is located in Dashanzi Zone, Jiuxianqiao Street, Chaoyang District. Therefore, it is also called the Dashanzi Art District.

Initially, this was the headquarters of the electronics industry factories. And Factory 798 was one of them. Many buildings were Soviet-sponsored projects designed and built by East Germany in the early 1950s. That's why you see many Bauhaus-style buildings.

With the development of urbanization, factories moved to the outskirts of the city. Attracted by the quirky architectural style, large space and low rent, a large number of artists came here to found their own workshop, studio or exhibition space. This is how the current 798 Art District was gradually formed.

Today, the 798 Art District is a perfect combination of antiquity and modernity, industry and art. Here you can visit a wide variety of art exhibitions to understand the expressions of contemporary artists. You can also buy original and creative crafts here or try delicious foods from both China and around the world. If you are interested in art, this place will surely not disappoint you. Through graffiti-painted walls, creative and interesting sculptures, or any artistic work on display, you will find endless artistic inspirations.

Ullens Center for Contemporary Art

The Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA) is an international art institution located in the heart of Beijing's 798 Art District. It presents a large number of exhibitions and educational programs to the public every year, introducing domestic and foreign artists, and promoting public attention and understanding of contemporary art and culture. The UCCA opened in 2007. As a private, nonprofit, non-collecting art museum, it has received generous support from people from all walks of life, including founders Guy Ullens and Miriam Ullens, as well as numerous patrons, cooperating institutions, members and audiences. The UCCA is always committed to promoting the dissemination and development of contemporary culture, as well as showing the public the image of China in the context of globalization.