Tongzhou District launches Spring Festival series of cultural activities


Tongzhou District of Beijing has planned and launched Spring Festival series of cultural activities, with a total of nearly 400 events, relying on the unique cultural and tourism resources and key commercial districts, in order to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of citizens during the Spring Festival, and create a lively, festive and harmonious atmosphere.

The first International Cultural Festival at Central Green Forest Park

The Central Green Forest Park holds the first International Cultural Festival, showcasing the customs, culture and art of countries along the Belt and Road Initiative, with activities including literary and artistic performances, food exhibitions, and market entertainment.

During the Spring Festival, Tongzhou District to launch 101 performances, covering drama, musicals, parent-child plays, folk performances, traditional operas, and symphony concerts. Many commercial complexes and cultural and creative parks to hold promotional activities. The Grand Canal cultural tourism scenic area to launch 4 major theme events, creating cultural and tourism consumption scenes such as New Year's goods markets, interactive amusement, intangible cultural heritage handicrafts, and food and snacks.