A New Year Guarded by the Dragon: Exhibition for the Chinese New Year


On February 6, 2024, the National Museum of China launched the "A New Year Guarded by the Dragon:  Exhibition for the Chinese New Year", carefully selecting more than 200 pieces (sets) of collection relics to welcome visitors.

The exhibition systematically explains the totem and symbol of the Chinese nation, "dragon", from the aspects of festival customs, history, culture, art, and life. It vividly presents the rich connotation and profound value of excellent traditional Chinese culture. With thousands of postures of dragon dance and music, it creates a peaceful atmosphere to celebrate the Spring Festival of the Jia Chen Year of the Dragon and offers New Year's greetings to the audience.

Precious relics from the Neolithic Age to the early 20th century, covering various forms such as bronze ware, jade ware, porcelain, gold and silver ware, lacquer ware, and painting are showcasing this time.

Venue: National Museum of China, North Hall 4

Time: Open to the public from February 6, 2024