New Year Calender | The Lunar New Year's Day


1.Getting up early

It is a common custom throughout the country. Generally, people get up when the rooster crows, and in some places, they even get up before the rooster crows.

2.Setting off firecrackers at the door

On the morning of the Spring Festival, firecrackers are set off at the door. After the sound of firecrackers, the ground is covered with red fragments, which is called "full of red". At this time, the streets are filled with auspiciousness and joy. Everyone greets each other with "Happy New Year", and the new year begins.

3.Paying New Year's visits

It is an important activity during the Spring Festival to visit new friends and neighbors to congratulate them on the new year, which is traditionally called "paying New Year's visits". Paying New Year's visits is a traditional custom in China, which is a way for people to bid farewell to the old and welcome the new and express good wishes to each other. Paying New Year's visits usually starts from one's own home. On the morning, after the younger generation gets up, they first pay New Year's visits to the elders and wish them good health and all the best. After receiving the New Year's greetings, the elders will distribute "lucky money" prepared in advance to the younger generation. After paying New Year's visits to the elders at home, people go out to visit others.