New Year Exhibitions | Exhibition of Chinese Zodiac Dragon Postage Stamps


The Chinese zodiac is a unique traditional culture and has a long history, which has the function of chronology and sustains people's good wishes. Postage stamps have important functions of recording history, spreading knowledge, and highlighting spirit, and they are known as "national business cards." The issuance of the Chinese zodiac postage stamps is a perfect combination of Chinese zodiac culture and philatelic culture, which popularly spreads Chinese traditional culture.

As the Year of the Dragon is coming, China Post issued a special set of postage stamps "Year of the Dragon" on January 5, 2024. To better spread the Zodiac Dragon culture, China National Post and Postage Stamp Museum launched the "Exhibition of Chinese Zodiac Dragon Postage Stamps." This exhibition brings together 62 sets of 76 kinds of postage stamps issued by China Post, Hongkong Post, Macao Post, United Nations Postal Administration, and 24 countries, which is a grand collection of Zodiac Dragon postage stamps of the world.

Period: On display

Location: F1, China National Post and Postage Stamp Museum

Translator: WEN Min

Reviewer: JIANG Wenyi