New Year Exhibitions | Role Models of China: Wax Figures from the National Museum of China Collection


This exhibition takes wax figures, a super-realistic sculpture art, as the carrier, and carefully selects 30 works of role model figures from more than 200 wax figures in the National Museum of China collection. Among the role models, there are revolutionary pioneers like Li Dazhao, Xiang Jingyu, and Fang Zhimin, model workers like Wang Jinxi and Lei Feng, literary and artistic masters like Lu Xun, Nie Er, and Xian Xinghai, leading scientists like Qian Xuesen, Li Siguang, and Yuan Longping, public servants like Jiao Yulu, Kong Fansen, and Yang Shanzhou, and more role models of the times like Luo Yang, Huang Danian, and Huang Wenxiu.

With artistic scene design, this exhibition displays the cultural relics, famous sayings, and stories and interpretations of Chinese role models, making visitors feel the personality charm of the role model figures who struggle on all fronts of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Period: On display

Location: North Hall 9 of the National Museum of China

Translator: WEN Min

Reviewer: JIANG Wenyi