Video | Beijing: More Than Meets the Eye - The Temple of Heaven


The "More Than Meets the Eye" short videos is an international communication project launched by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism in 2021. The video creates a new way of visual expression for international communication through "culture plus tourism scenes", with the intention of evoking a sense of longing in overseas audiences when they see Beijing's beautiful scenery and fine art.

In the first season of "More Than Meets the Eye" series short videos, 9 videos were released, which won unanimous praise from domestic and foreign audiences and gained nearly 10 million exposures in domestic and foreign media.

In 2022, "More Than Meets the Eye— New Shougang Park" won three awards in the TV category of the 2nd National Excellent Works of Tourism Public Service Advertising Competition. In 2023, "More Than Meets the Eye" was taken as one of the top ten classic cases of art and tourism integration selected by China Tourism Academy. After the broadcasting of the videos on "Visit Beijing", the official overseas social media account of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, many overseas audiences expressed that Beijing must be regarded as their ideal tourist destination.

The second season of "More Than Meets the Eye" series short videos was officially launched in September, 2023.

The Temple of Heaven, constructed in 1420, served as a sacred space for Ming and Qing emperors to pray for bountiful harvests. Recognized as the world's largest ancient sacrificial complex, UNESCO granted it World Cultural Heritage status in 1998. 

Its design symbolizes the traditional Chinese cosmology of the universe with a round sky and square earth. In this episode of "Beijing: More Than Meets the Eye," Zhao Chengwei, a renowned sanxian performer, introduces this ancient musical instrument, highlighting the unique artistic and cultural fusion of architectural marvels and traditional music spanning millennia.

Track Information

Plum Blossom

Performed by Zhao Chengwei