Strawberry Delights | Blue Manor


Beijing's strawberry picking fields offer a delightful experience. From Tianrunyuan's professional cooperative to Xinyi Farm and Shennong Tiandi, there are various options to choose from. Lao Bing Farm and Xiao Wang's fields provide environmentally friendly strawberries, while Dalian's field boasts vibrant fruits. For a serene experience, visit Blue Manor. Don't miss the chance to enjoy fresh, delicious strawberries in Beijing's picturesque settings.

Blue Manor

In the Blue Manor Strawberry Picking Field, the strawberries are ripe and irresistibly red. The environment here is tranquil and quiet, allowing visitors to stroll through the expansive estate, enjoying the fresh air of nature. It promises to be a relaxing and serene experience, providing a getaway from the hustle and bustle.

At Blue Manor, soothing light music is played for the strawberries every day. It is believed that strawberries grow better when exposed to music. The sound waves stimulate the strawberries, promoting cell division and resulting in larger, sweeter fruits. The strawberries here are grown without any pesticides or fertilizers, showcasing vibrant colors, a good gloss, and a delicious and refreshing taste.

Strawberry picking, nature exploration, and knowledge sharing – this is an activity suitable for the whole family to enjoy. Whether adults or children, everyone can experience the joy of picking and the delight of exploring nature at Blue Manor.

Address: Blue Manor, Jinzhan Town, Chaoyang District, Beijing