Good Places for Winter Sports | Beitou Aoyuan 1314


Wind blowing, the coldest days have come. Even in such cold days, there are still good places for winter sports.

Beitou Aoyuan 1314

Beitou Aoyuan 1314 is a sports-themed park integrating sports, culture, consumption, catering, and entertainment, covering an area of about 75,000 square meters.

Beitou Aoyuan 1314 used to be the operating area of the Beijing Winter Olympics, which was responsible for delegation registration, security checks, protocol, and media reception during the Games. After several months of renovation, it has become a new landmark of Olympic heritage and sports culture trend and was officially opened to the public on September 29, 2022.

Combining entertainment and sports, Beitou Aoyuan 1314 has set up four main functional areas: Chaoku, Chaoran, Chaoxiang, and Chaoyue. It operates various sports projects, including badminton, basketball, squash, gymnastics, rock climbing, go-karting, children's balance bike, surfskate, and so on, which makes it become a new destination for citizens and tourists to keep fit, relax, and enjoy their leisure time.

In Beitou Aoyuan 1314, citizens and tourists can take photos in beautiful sports venues, cultivate more sports skills, and feel the fun brought by sports.

Address: Aoyuan West Road No.1 Courtyard, Chaoyang District, Beijing