Cycling in parks releases vitality in the Winter


There are many parks in Beijing that are great for cycling. Taking the bike and heading outdoors to these parks during the weekends is a perfect choice in winter.

Grand Canal Forest Park

Grand Canal Forest Park is located on both sides of the North Canal in Tongzhou District. It is an open park that is especially suitable for family outings. The flat roads, beautiful ecological environment, complete cycling facilities and service system in the park, and dedicated cycling lanes on both sides of the canal, enable people enjoy the unique scenery of "one river, two banks, six gardens, and eighteen views" along the way.

Cycling along both sides of the canal, from the North Canal Bridge to the Gantang Bridge, the Yuedao Wenying Viewing Platform on the west bank offers the stunning canal scenery. Cycling from the Caoyun Wharf on the east bank, it is worthy to spend a while to admire the sunset by the river. The 10-kilometer cycling loop on both sides of the canal has picturesque scenery all the way.

Central Green Forest Park

Central Green Forest Park is located on the south bank of the Grand Canal in Tongzhou District, adjacent to the Grand Canal Forest Park. When cycling along the road, people can visit the ancient canal, Shangshang Wharf, and the landscape with the theme of 24 solar terms. There are also dedicated activity area for children and bookstore, allowing visitors to experience the local culture while enjoying the scenery of the Grand Canal.

Yongding River Leisure Forest Park

Yongding River Leisure Forest Park is located in Shijingshan District, with main attractions including the Yongding River Cultural Square, Riverside Scenic Belt and Haitang Valley. Standing on the observation deck, people can see the sea of reed and Yongding Tower of the Beijing Garden Expo Park in the distance. Yongding River Leisure Forest Park is very convenient for families who love cycling, there is a sightseeing bicycle rental point at the west gate of the park, which allows visitors ride and enjoy the scenery with family, or stop and play at any time.

Beijing Wenyuhe Park

Beijing Wenyuhe Park is located in the northern part of Chaoyang District. The park includes 12 main attractions, 15 types of intelligent landscape interactive facilities, and 37 outdoor science popularization exhibition facilities of 5 categories, creating an outdoor public ecological space with a museum-like atmosphere. Visitors can enjoy the park's natural beauty while also learning about carbon and climate knowledge. To meet the cycling needs of citizens, Beijing Wenyuhe Park has dedicated bike lanes where visitors can cycle and enjoy the park.

Dong Xiao Kou Forest Park

The southeast entrance of Dong Xiao Kou Forest Park is the starting point of a 42-kilometer professional cycling greenway that connects more than ten parks. In addition to visiting Dong Xiao Kou Forest Park, tourists will also pass by He Xin Park, Huo Ying Park, and several other parks. The cycling lane in the park is separate from the pedestrian path. Cycling along the lane, visitors could sometimes pass through forests and undulating hills. The parks are connected by ordinary roads, visitors should pay attention to the signs and safety.

Gui He Forest Park

Gui He Forest Park mainly relies on the construction of Gui River and the surrounding forests on both sides in Yanqing District. It is centered around the river, starting from Caoguanying Reservoir in the east, Kangzhang Bridge in the west, and Sanlihe Wetland Park in the north, spanning Yanqing urban area with a total length of 18 kilometers and covering an area of 1,026 hectares. The environment on both sides is quiet and suitable for cycling. The entire route has wide and flat roads, as well as occasional ups and downs.

Friendly reminder

When engaging in outdoor activities in winter, please pay attention to the weather faorecast in advance, keep warm, and prevent catching the cold.