New feeling: savoring Beijing's nightlife!


01. Beijing Fang (Beijing Fun)

No. 21 Lufangtou Street, Xicheng District, Beijing

Building 1, No. 01 Beijing Fang

Beijing Fang is located in the historical and cultural preservation area of Dashilan, Xicheng District, connecting Beijing's past, present, and future. It restores historical architectural features, preserves the ecological environment of the original community, and shapes an open and immersive cultural and commercial street. Beijing Fang aims to create an "international exchange" and "cultural communication" platform, positioning itself as a "Chinese lifestyle experience area." It brings together functional spaces for fashionable shopping, reading experiences, film culture, residential living, joyful childhood, themed dining, and art spaces.

Tips: Brands currently stationed at Beijing Fang include: MUJI Hotel, PAGEONE 24-Hour Flagship Store, Starbucks Reserve Flagship Store, China Duty-Free Shop, and Poly International Cinema, among others.

02. Vivinevo Perfumery Art Museum

No. 21 Lufangtou Street, Xicheng District, Beijing

Building 1, No. 01 Beijing Fang

Vivinevo Perfumery Art Museum is located in Beijing Fang, offering a combination of fragrance popularization, historical and cultural promotion of fragrances, and immersive interactive olfactory experiences, resembling a giant fragrance container. The museum combines modern and technological demonstration devices with delicate fragrances, providing visitors with a new immersive sensory experience of fragrances.

Tips: The museum features various exhibition spaces, including a taste zone, touch zone, multimedia interactive zone, and DIY zone.

03. Manchester United Theatre of Dreams

No. 21 Lufangtou Street, Xicheng District, Beijing

Building W9, Beijing Fang

The Manchester United Theatre of Dreams is the world's first Manchester United football culture experience center officially authorized by Manchester United Football Club. The theater uses cutting-edge technology to present the century-long glorious history of the Manchester United Football Club, creating an immersive football interactive gaming and entertainment experience. The theater covers various functions, including sports, catering, retail, and family entertainment, featuring four major formats: "Manchester United Experience," "Manchester United Journey," "Manchester United Theatre Restaurant," and "Manchester United Theatre Store."

Tips: This is the largest "officially authorized Manchester United store" in mainland China, complete with a Manchester United-themed restaurant, satisfying every visitor's appetite and football dreams.

04. Blue Note Beijing

No. 23 Qianmen East Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Blue Note Jazz Club is a globally renowned jazz music venue brand, founded in 1981 in New York. Subsequently, it established branches in Tokyo, Japan, Milan, Italy, and other locations, becoming a music landmark in each city. Blue Note Beijing is the largest single-store Blue Note Jazz Club globally, marking the integration and synchronization of the Chinese music market with world music.

Tips: In addition to enjoying wonderful music performances, visitors can savor high-quality food and drinks crafted by the chef and bar team, fully experiencing a lifestyle of taste, art, health, and elegance."

Translator: WANG Luchun

Reviewer: CHEN Nuoqi