Yanqing Gift debuts in 2023-24 IBSF Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation World Cup!


On November 17, the 2023-24 IBSF Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation World Cup in Yanqing started at the National Sliding Centre. On the field, there are not only passionate snow and ice events but also a wide range of Yanqing gifts. Reporters in Yanqing Olympic Zone’s Yanqing cultural and creative bazaar saw that more than a hundred cultural and creative products were dazzling people, served a cultural feast for the world-class event, allowing Chinese and foreign tourists and athletes to get close to intangible cultural heritage and experience cultural and creative products, and creating a cultural and creative bazaar that can be seen, touched and taken away.

Intangible cultural heritage "cloisonné enamelling" crafts and facial makeup painting are exquisite, the Great Wall Gift "Mingxiaobin" and cloth tigers are naive and charming, and Zayan kite refrigerator stickers are full of "Beijing" flavor. Rongmei cultural and creative winter hat, which once gained attention during the Beijing Winter Olympics, also appeared in the bazaar, silently telling the "Winter Olympics story" of Chinese and foreign friends helping each other and loving each other. 

During the training and competition period, foreign athletes tasted Chinese characteristic foods and were very curious about the abundant ingredients. On the same day, the "Gui Shui Farming" series of agricultural and sideline products were also on display. Duck eggs, honey, grains, and tea from Yanqing attracted the attention of many people, who were interested in learning and consulting.

It is worth mentioning in particular that the "One who fails to reach the Great Wall is not a hero" art plate of the Badaling Great Wall Chinese Gift was not only displayed in the bazaar but also as a gift to the winning athletes of the competition, and everyone sincerely praised "very beautiful, very like." According to the staff introduction, the plate is made of high-grade bone china from Jingdezhen, made of hand-tracing gold and high-definition painting technology, the center of the porcelain plate combines the Badaling Great Wall with the classic words of "One who fails to reach the Great Wall is not a hero", depicting a beautiful picture of the Great Wall in the new era, and also reflects the development concept of harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

Previously, during the official training and international training week, Yanqing District, relying on the tourism resources of the capital and Beijing and Zhangjiakou area, organized 180 foreign participants to the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Badaling Great Wall, Yanqing Ancient Cliff Residence, and other places to visit, taking the World Cup as an opportunity to vigorously promote the "culture +" model, and strive to create " Culture + Event", "Culture + Tourism" and other modes, so that athletes from all over the world can feel the charm of Yanqing, savor  Beijing flavor culture, and show the credible, lovely and respectable image of China.

Translator: Zhou Huilin

Reviewer: Bai Jing