Come to Shine Hills to visit the bazaar!


From November 18th to 19th, a cultural bazaar with the theme of " Beijing Release, Delivering the Beauty of the City" was held in Shine Hills. This activity is jointly sponsored by the Beijing International Communication Center and the Publicity Department of the Shunyi District Party Committee, and co-sponsored by the Konggang Street Office.  

At the cultural bazaar site, rows of exquisite cultural and creative products are neatly arranged in the booth, which is a feast for the eyes. Beijing Publishing Group's quality best-selling books, the "Bing Dwen Dwen", "Rabbit Dun Dun" and "Bu Bai Chi" series products brought by a group of Shunyi cultural and creative enterprises, and the ceramics, carpets, and tea sets brought by some shops in Shiushui Street are dizzying. With 20 categories and more than 300 cultural and creative products, covering culture and art, design and creativity, fashion trends, leisure and entertainment, and other areas, the public can enjoy shopping.

The activity site also set up a display and experience project of intangible cultural heritage, while appreciating the beauty of intangible cultural heritage, citizens also have the opportunity to experience the unique charm of traditional skills.

"Cultural empowerment makes the bazaar not only a place for commodity trading but also an important window for cultural exchange and dissemination in the urban space. 'Beijing Release', as an important window for Beijing's international communication, we hope to move from online to offline by organizing themed cultural bazaars and bringing the capital's outstanding cultural and creative products and culture to the public through the 'One District, One Culture' campaign. " Tie Lan, deputy director of Beijing International Communication, introduced.

Liu Tiejun, deputy director of the District Cultural Promotion Center, introduced: "Shunyi District is vigorously promoting the construction of 'Wenyu River Cultural Industry Development Belt', gathering a number of high-quality cultural industry projects such as Song Art Museum, Luo Hong Photography Art Museum, the National Base for International Cultural Trade and Beijing Honav Group, Artron Group and other cultural industry projects, which have the rich endowment of cultural resources and advantages in the development of the cultural industry. The Beijing International Communication has set the first stop of the 'Beijing Release' theme day at the Shine Hills, the activity is wonderful and rich in content, and citizens are welcome to visit the event site on weekends to experience the charm of Shunyi culture." 

The cultural bazaar also set up a wonderful interactive section, while visiting the bazaar, the public will have the opportunity to obtain the "Beijing Release" characteristic cultural and creative related products. It is reported that from November 18th to 22nd, the exhibition with the theme of "Beijing Release, Delivering the Beauty of the City" will be held in two communities on Konggang Street. 

Translator: Zhou Huilin

Reviewer: Bai Jing