'Friendly Shandong, Remarkable Shandong' 2023 Beijing Presenting Event held successfully


On November 11th, 2023, in Beijing, the "Friendly Shandong, Remarkable Shandong" 2023 Beijing Presenting Event was held at the Beijing Exhibition Center. Through immersive promotion and open sales exhibitions, the event focused on showcasing the achievements of the "Friendly Shandong, Remarkable Shandong" brand construction. 

The event aimed to highlight the warm hospitality and high-quality products that Shandong province has to offer. It provided a platform for businesses and organizations from Shandong to present their products and services to a wider audience in Beijing. 

The Presenting Event aimed to strengthen the cultural and economic ties between Shandong and Beijing, fostering cooperation and mutual understanding. Visitors had the opportunity to experience the unique charm of Shandong and explore the diverse range of high-quality products from the region.