African Vibes in Beijing | China Academy of Oil Painting


Experience the vibrant African spirit in Beijing at Horwath TIME Cultural & Creative Park. Explore diverse African cultural scenes and admire exhibits of animals, carvings, and gemstones. Enjoy freshly ground coffee and immerse yourself in the allure of nature. At Beijing Film Academy Creative Park, step into Morocco's colorful world with pink squares and blue pools. Take photos, play games, and enjoy a youthful atmosphere. China Academy of Oil Painting offers a pure and artistic space. Admire oil paintings, indulge in a jazz-themed café, and immerse yourself in a romantic atmosphere.

China Academy of Oil Painting

The China Academy of Oil Painting, affiliated with the Chinese Academy of Art, was established in 2007, becoming the first national-level oil painting academy in China after the founding of the People's Republic. It primarily focuses on Chinese oil painting creation and research and disseminates Chinese oil painting aesthetics through exhibitions and exchanges.

The iconic building within the Academy is a cream-colored "church," featuring gently ascending stairs and triangular roofs, with no excess adornments or decorations. It's complemented by teaching buildings and museums, and the red brick architecture stands out against the blue sky. Hence, it's often dubbed "Beijing's Little Morocco." The intertwining of light and shadow creates a pure beauty, and the slightly intoxicated tones collide with simple lines, infusing an artistic and romantic atmosphere. Whether you aim to capture stylish portraits or architectural lines and structures, there's ample room for artistic expression here.

Located in Gaobeidian Cultural Street, it might be relatively remote, but this allows for greater artistic freedom. Besides admiring master-level oil paintings, the Oil Painting Academy also crafts an aesthetic space combining architecture, art, and life. The jazz-themed café exudes a nostalgic vibe through vintage items, allowing you to indulge in a quiet afternoon with a cup of handcrafted coffee or artist-themed soft drinks made with fresh fruits and spices. Each beverage carries a romantic name: Monet's Rouge, Margaret's Pipe, Van Gogh's Sky... From aesthetics to taste, it's a delightful surprise.

If you happen to adore jazz, this place can also treat your ears. With light and soothing jazz BGM, you can immerse yourself in your own world. During the evening, the semi-transparent floor-to-ceiling windows exude warmth and softness. Sitting on the foldable sofas brought from overseas cinemas, watching a live jazz band performance, the scene is incredibly cozy and delightful.

Address: No. 1704, Cultural New Street, Gaobeidian Station, Chaoyang District, Beijing