Weekend Ease | Qianhe Xielu Bridge


Experience the historical charm of the Grand Canal Cultural Tourism Scenic Area in Tongzhou District. Explore ancient architectural complexes, stroll through parks, capture the night scenery, and enjoy the beauty of early winter. Don't miss the Qianhe Xielu Bridge and Canal Culture Plaza. Visit the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal Academy and relax at Infini Town camping site. Discover the unique and delightful weekend spots in the city sub-center.

Qianhe Xielu Bridge

As one of the popular attractions in the city sub-center, Qianhe Xielu Bridge has become increasingly well-known. Built in 2012, the bridge is themed around the lotus, interpreting the millennium-old cultural charm of the canal with its integrated design of lotus and dew. The bridge's sides feature elegant white curves, creating a lotus leaf border, naturally dividing the three-tiered landscape platforms into undulating heights. Whether you enjoy a sunset glow on the bridge or capture a series of beautiful early winter scenes below, both are excellent choices!