Autumn Leaves in BTH Region | Weekend trip of exploring the BTH Region


Today, there is a self-driving route recommended. Taking Beijing's Chaoyang District as an example, the round trip driving time is about 6 hours, and the total distance is about 350 kilometers. You can easily enjoy the autumn leaves and explore the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region for two days and one night. Let's follow the travel editor and set off!

The recommended itinerary is as follows:

Depart from Chaoyang District, Beijing → Jinshanling Great Wall, Luanping County, Hebei Province → Beijing WTown, Beijing Miyun District → Mount Panshan Scenic Area, Jizhou District, Tianjin → Gingko Avenue, Dongwu Street, Sanlitun East → Return to Beijing

Day 1: Climb the Great Wall and visit the water town

Depart from Chaoyang District, Beijing at 8 o'clock in the morning, and after about 1.5 hours, you can arrive at Jinshanling Great Wall. Here, you can stroll among the ancient bricks and tiles of the Great Wall, enjoy the beautiful autumn scenery, and appreciate the thousand-year history of Chinese culture.

Jinshanling Great Wall scenic area also provides four routes for visitors to choose from:

Route 1: Ticket Gate → Zhuanduo Gate → Shaling Gate → Ticket Gate (circular route of 3km)

On this route, you can see the most characteristic walls, horse-blocking walls, supporting walls, and watch towers of Jinshanling Great Wall.

Route 2: Ticket Gate → Zhuanduo Gate → Shaling Gate → Xiaojinshan Tower → Cable car station → Ticket Gate (circular route of 4km)

On this route, there are two watchtowers, Xiaojinshan Tower and Dajinshan Tower, which are a must-see for visitors to Jinshanling Great Wall. The two watchtowers are located on two steep and beautiful peaks, and the name of Jinshanling Great Wall comes from this.

Route 3: Ticket Gate → Zhuanduo Gate → Shaling Gate → Houchuan Gate → Ticket Gate (circular route of 5km)

This route is the highest point of the central circular route and the best photography spot of Jinshanling Great Wall. Here, you can overlook the entire Great Wall and see the magnificent scenery on the Great Wall.

Route 4: Ticket Gate → Zhuanduo Gate → Shaling Gate → Houchuan Gate → Dongwuyan Tower → East Gate Visitor Center (circular route of 10km)

This is a refreshing Great Wall sports route. Sports enthusiasts must challenge this route!

After visiting the Great Wall and taking a short break, you can drive for about 30 minutes to reach Beijing WTown in Miyun District, Beijing. Backed by Simatai Great Wall and overlooking the Yuanyang Lake Reservoir, it is a rare tourist resort that combines mountains and water in the suburbs of Beijing.

Here, you can enjoy the unique water town scenery of northern China, see the colorful leaves of the town, stroll through the ancient streets and alleys, taste the food, and experience the peaceful water town life. The night view of Beijing WTown is amazing and has become a new landmark for night tours in Beijing. It is recommended to stay here for one night.

Day 2: Enjoy the colorful leaves and the autumn season

After staying overnight in Beijing WTown, you can drive for about 2 hours in the morning to Mount Panshan Scenic Area in Jizhou District, Tianjin. In the autumn season, the mountains are full of continuous red leaves, and cypress trees, maple trees, ginkgo trees, and chestnut trees compete for beauty. The yellow and red colors of the broad-leaved forest and the green of the coniferous forest together form a colorful autumn, satisfying people's ultimate imagination of autumn scenery.

There are famous attractions such as Yuanbao Temple, Tiancheng Temple, and Wansong Temple in the scenic area. There are also various ways to enjoy the leaves, such as walking into the colorful forest to observe the beauty of nature up close, taking a cable car to overlook the mountains and the red and green scenery, or taking a sightseeing car to shuttle through the colorful forests and experience the steep mountain roads.

After visiting Panshan, you can drive for about 1.5 hours in the afternoon to reach Gingko Avenue on Dongwu Street, Sanlitun, Chaoyang District, Beijing. Dongwu Street in Sanlitun is located in the embassy area of Beijing, with two rows of ginkgo trees planted on both sides of the road, from the west end to the east end, about four to five hundred meters long. In autumn, it becomes a yellow world.

The ginkgo trees here are relatively tall and planted on both sides of the road. When the ginkgo leaves turn yellow, the trees on both sides "hold hands" in the narrow street, forming a mysterious and beautiful golden avenue. The tall ginkgo trees on both sides of the road are lush and green, shining in the sunlight, like a fairy tale world. Here, you can stroll through the streets and alleys, have a cup of coffee, taste exotic food, and end your weekend perfectly.

Friendly reminder:

The first regional self-driving related service standard in China, "Service Specification for Self-Driving Stations in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region," was recently issued, which regulates the setting and service requirements of self-driving stations. You could read it before traveling.

Service Specification for Self-Driving Stations in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region