Spectacular View | Beigong National Forest Park


Beijing is embracing the beautiful season of autumn, with various forests parks witnessing their trees ablaze with vibrant hues. From Olympic Forest Park to Xishan National Forest Park, visitors can enjoy the stunning red leaves and breathtaking landscapes. Other parks like Labagou Primitive Forest Park, Mangshan National Forest Park, Baiwangshan Forest Park, Grand Canal Forest Park, and Gongqing Riverside Forest Park also offer a feast of autumn colors. Don't miss the opportunity to experience the beauty of Beijing's autumn leaves!

Beigong National Forest Park

One can find autumn is a season of vibrant colors at Beigong National Forest Park, where the red, yellow, green, and purple landscapes complement each other in a splendid display. The colors change with seasons, creating a continuous and breathtaking view.

During the Cold Dew period, the Rhus typhinas turn brilliant red, while during the Frost’s Descent period, the yellow oak and Rhus typhinas turn the mountains red. The park boasts a diverse range of colorful deciduous trees such as the Shantung maple, yellow chestnut, Rhus typhinas, golden rain trees, golden-leaved Chinese dwarf elm, ginkgo, dawn redwood, broad-leaf privet, cherry plum and myrobalan plum, purple-leaf cherry plum along with ash trees, with distinct color gradations.

Address: 55 Dahuaichang East Road, Changxindian Town, Fengtai District, Beijing