'Jiewei Fanghan - Zhou Ruchang's Collection of Steles and Tablets' exhibition attracting visitors


In the Prince Kung's Palace Museum located in Xicheng, Beijing, visitors are constantly streaming in to see the "Jiewei Fanghan - Zhou Ruchang's Collection of Steles and Tablets" exhibition. 

The exhibition showcases over 30 pieces of steles and tablets from Zhou Ruchang's collection, and starting from the large amount of inscriptions left by Zhou Ruchang on these pieces, it explores the cultural connotations of calligraphy art. 

Through introducing Zhou Ruchang's process of learning calligraphy, studying tablets, and researching calligraphy, it showcases the academic style of the older generation of scholars. The Zhou Ruchang Memorial Hall located in the garden of Prince Kung's Palace also attracts a large number of visitors.